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HMS TR-6060 Mid-Shift Kit

Fits TR-6060 Transmissions
Manufacturer part number: HMS-MK6060
  • HMS Exclusive Mid-Shift Kit
  • Relocates Shifter To Mid Position
  • Fits Tremec TR-6060 Transmissions
  • Reuses Stock Shift Knob & Handle
Improves Shifts. This exclusive HMS Mid-Shift Kit is a must-have mod for your vehicle whether it sees mostly daily driver duty, serious track time, or if you have a bench seat car looking to relocate your shift location. Using an innovative design that makes the second to third shift faster and easier while eliminating that "loose" feeling your OEM shifter offers. Relax and enjoy driving your vehicle more with this Mid-Shift Kit.

Adjustable. This HMS Mid-Shift kit will allow you to relocate the shifter in the mid position, making this great for the bench seat vehicles!

Premium Quality. You won't find a better made, lighter shifter than this 100% machined billet aluminum shifter. Made to be as light as possible without sacrificing durability, this CNC machined billet aluminum kit was designed with pure performance in mind.

Application. This HMS Mid-Shift Kit will only fit the Tremec TR-6060 Transmissions featured in Ford, GM, and Cadillac's. This HMS Mid-Shift Kit will come with all the necessary hardware making for a easier install for your vehicle. HANDLE & SHIFT KNOB NOT INCLUDED.